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quickly visited Oxbow Park before in started down pouring rain and we took shelter at the Rochester Mall….down pouring rain is definitely a theme of June.


posing every time the camera is pointed at him…what a goof. Here he is “babysitting” Anne’s doll Bella.


celebrating this great four year old with a miraculous sunny day in which he played with all his buddies.


picked some strawberries at a local strawberry farm…they turned into a pie and freezer jam.


celebrated this great father…oh how glad I am to parent with him!


trying to get fires in between the extreme heat and rain. Henry is very very involved in the fire process.


eating smores with friends.


enjoying the beach many a times this summer…before the lake gets a little too green for our taste.


sister day over in Sioux Falls…what a lovely day with lovely ladies.


cousin gathering…just missing three…notice that poser of a Henry and his smile. oh kid.


We had a lovely time in Sioux Falls where the cousins played so so much, we went to the Play in the Park, ate a picnic, celebrated Darin’s Birthday, saw the Falls…that were rushing because of all the rain, had the best ice cream ever and went to a spray park. Whew…we sure know how to pack it in!


June also contained swimming lessons…which were trying because of the weather and cold cold pool…and first time ever VBS. I dropped off both Anne and Peter at a friend’s church for an hour and half and they did great! There were no tears, lots of singing, telling me about the evening and great joy for each night. It was a major win and excitement for us all!



Happiest of Happy Birthdays to my handsome, blue eyed, curly blonde headed Peter!

Today’s weather was just like the very day you were born…absolutely perfect. It was a great day to celebrate you being wonderful and delightfully four!

  • You love playing with your sister a lot. You play house and puppies and dinotrux and go along with whatever she deems fun to play.
  • You love your Cousin Leeland SO MUCH. He surprised you today and came all the way over for your party. You played hard the whole afternoon…destroying four pair of socks between the two of you 🙂
  • You love your friends Jacob and Susie and Marcus and Ivy and Nathan and Jack and get pumped every time we go to their house or see them…friends are the greatest.
  • You love cars, dinotrux, superheros, and making up little families with whatever toys are in front of you….I especially love watching this play
  • You love to play tag and want to play all the time especially when dad as just sat down. You are a fast runner my boy. One time when I was chasing you you said, “I’m sorry mom that I’m too fast.”
  • You love reading and are trying to read books on your own just like big sister. You love silly funny books and were excited to get Nobody Likes a Goblin for your birthday.
  • You love biking on your bike with training wheels and can cruise way far ahead of mom if I’m walking.
  • You love ball hit and wrestling with dad.
  • You have great facial expressions and say the funniest things sometimes. You really love to say right now…Mom Can I tell you something…
  • You are sensitive and sweet and SO OFTEN tell Ryan and I that you love us multiple times a day and it pretty much melts my heart each time.
  • You are my BIG Boy who we love a whole lot and are so glad we have been blessed to be your parents 4 WHOLE YEARS!


celebrated our Savior’s resurrection.


watched my handsome hardworking husband get officially sworn in as paid on call fire fighter.

ventured to como zoo and conservatory with my friend JJ and her kiddos. We embraced the 40 degree weather and enjoyed a rather quit zoo and not too chilly. We also randomly ran into our former rommie/friend Erica too and her family. Crazy. It was a lovely day and JJ and I finally got a picture of us together.


tenting inside during our blizzard weekend…help us dream of summer and survive the blizzards.


feeding the birds during the blizzards one moment and…


having our first picnic with the birds the next moment.


eating cookies, drinking tea and reading poetry at our April tea party. Susie was our special guest.


partied it up for Ryan’s 38th birthday!


adventuring almost ever beautiful day now that Spring has arrived. I mean how can you turn down adorable kiddos asking you to have a “venture” today mom.

April was one of trying joy for us Minnesotans. I tried really hard to keep seeing the beauty in the thick snow falls but it was hard. Needless to say I’m so excited that there is green sprouting everywhere once again reminding us of God’s faithfulness.


IMG_1065 (1)

  • Henry pulling a huge stack of books out and snuggling in on Ryan or my lap.
  • Peter reading Blue Hat Green Hat and Polar Bear Polar Bear to himself
  • Anne reciting all of the Piggie and Gerald books practically word for word after hearing them one time.
  • Henry saying “Hush Hush” with a little finger to his mouth as soon as he sees the cover to Pajama Time. 
  • Peter wanting to hear Nobody Likes a Goblin and Good Night Construction Site and Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and The Cookie Fiasco and Runaway Tomato and The Dirty Little Boy over and over again.
  • Anne sounding out words in all the books we are reading and being able to do some of the parts in Piggie and Gerald like to read books.
  • Henry copying how I turn the pages really quick in Brown Bear Brown Bear along with adding the noises each animal makes…a lot of roaring for each one.
  • Peter saying I’m thinking of a black and orange animal that chews bubble gum (A Tiger!) after we all read My Father’s Dragon together at the table.
  • Anne being able to recognize a similar illustrator or author just based on the pictures…crazy memory this girl.


  • FULL of big stacks of library books coming home since mom has been upping her Children’s Book game by reading Honey for a Child’s Heart by Gladys Hunt and The Read-Aloud Family Sarah Mackenzie where they remind the importance of reading aloud and recommend awesome books (Both Highly Recommend)
  • Saving us in these extra winter days as we cozy up in Anne’s closet, or the tent or the bed or just on the couch.
  • Meeting so many characters classic and new to bring into our little family creating inside jokes.
  • Peter getting excited every time he hears the word mercy in church…thinking that Pastor Dave is talking about Mercy Watson…ha not quite.
  • Pretty magical these days and I’m trying to store up each beautiful moment of it.


Bringing spring flowers to our windows despite the weather outside.


Trying to craft with this little guy but it mainly ends up being all over his body or him deciding to try out the taste of markers, painting water, crayons, and of course play dough over and over and over again. Oh this kid.


Get a way to Grandma Sue’s house while daddy painted our living room. We packed everything in at grandma’s from swimming to the new indoor play area plus lots and lots of play.

Baking and devouring spring cutout cookies. We were trying hard all month to feel like it was spring…even if it wasn’t.

loving melting snow and clear driveways one moment and


trying to embrace a foot of snow the next moment. Also Grimmius and Son snow and grass removal available 🙂


dying eggs! Anne and Peter were really really into it this year and needed little help from me. Anne enjoyed decorating the eggs with a white crayon while Peter wanted to make the darkest colors possible extending the process for a long time. Henry was eventually removed from this activity and got one on one time with daddy.


cuddling all together to read the massive amounts of books mom has been crazily checking out from the library lately.


Enjoying cousin time at grandma’s house. Henry just loves his baby cousin Amelia and likes to be right by her a lot of the time…Amelia is never sure how to take all this love.

March was definitely full of 31 days…that weren’t exactly lovely weather wise but we kept on with hope each day. Hope for spring…Hope for nicer weather. Hope. I reflected on HOPE a lot this month and knew the stirring of our HOPE for heaven. There are days when it seems so far away but it is still there. It is still present. It is still something we are preparing for with waited anticipation…just like spring.

Though the weather outside was grey, hovering around thirty and a mixture of snowy ice rain was pelting down, the Grimmius household celebrated SPRING!

For the third year, we search for eggs and a basket on Spring instead of Easter. I could sing praises for this switch for days and I am always trying to convince mommas of making this switch.


The morning started off with cottage cheese pancakes in the shape of a flower or a bird or any spring like thing you see in it:) There was also a stack of Easter and Spring books that are put away until this time of year. We read every single one during and after breakfast and Anne declared it the BEST SPRING DAY EVER already. Clearly I should put my standards lower.


The first day of Spring happened to coincide with when we started resurrection eggs too (BONUS!), so they also got to find the first egg and read the story of Jesus that went with the little Donkey inside.


We then made salted dough ornaments in SPRING shapes and decorated them with beads. They are now hanging happily in our window in the dining room.


Thank you free ice cream cone at DQ for adding to our fun on the first day of spring…I love when little things like this collide with no planning.


Finally it was time for the egg hunt…we waited for daddy to come home and it was HARD to wait for some.


This year I took my sister’s brilliant egg hunt idea from last year and switched up what we did it. It was a LEGO build it as you go EASTER EGG hunt extravagnza and IT WAS AMAZING. It definitely took some prep the day before…numbering eggs and separating the legos up into bags but it was worth it and here is why:

  • The fun lasted so long…almost an hour because they only found one egg at a time and then had to build before they could find another egg.
  • The mad opening of the eggs at once was slowed out and focused..they still got one candy egg.
  • At the end of it, it wasn’t a bunch of extra little cheap toys or food but an actual quality toy that they both enjoyed. PEOPLE they played with it for over another HOUR. They completely forgot about an Easter basket and so I just waited to do that until after supper.

Seriously…I’m never going back.

Finally the family basket was found…after prodding from me to go find it…It contained dot markers, a book, and slinky(s) which have brought much joy this evening.


It was a FULL day celebrating the amazing season of new life coming out of the dead of winter. As my sister and I would say, “and now we are done” Boom. Love Spring Day.



Getting the best picture of my three kiddos EVER!


Hosting a Super Bowl party…they were pumped.


Celebrating  February Tea Time with heart pies and heart crowns.

Giving lots of Love on Valentine’s Day and having one of my favorite Valentine Meals ever. We shared what we loved about each person of the family and the kiddos would do Henry’s deep voice and say what he loved about us…we laughed a lot. We also sang several rounds of head, shoulders, knees, and toes so Henry could work on knowing his body parts. It was just such a classic meal of what our life looks like but with little crying at this meal.


Building their annual snowman…this is totally daddy’s department because he rocks at them.


Flying on a plane for the first time ever (kiddos that is) the actually flying part went SO WELL Henry THANKFULLY slept. The waiting for a long time at airports was hard…but we did it.


Parenting with this great sister of mine in Sunny California…yes we absolutely still had crying fits, melt downs, and normal parent stuff but one of my favorite things was going through it with others.


Experiencing Sea World as a family! My whole immediate family spent a week in California (24 of us!!) and it was beautiful. We did all the shows together and even had matching shirts. Dad would have loved this day a lot because we were there when gates opened until close and saw every show.


getting a little emotional over seeing a panda for the first time ever. I have loved panda’s since I can remember and finally saw one live..they were just how I imagined


playing so hard with the cousins!


having some AMAZING doughnuts at the doughnut bar…umm yea pretty much ruined now for others.


watching the kids experience the ocean for the first time and watching this little guy get better at walking everywhere we went.


These February days were pretty awesome and full of firsts for my family. There was also a lot of waiting for these exciting days. Vacation days are pretty epic, but I want to always remember that each day is a gift even the ones that are long and cold.


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