Visiting grandparents. Anne and Peter even got a special overnight of just them at Grandma Sue’s house…while Henry enjoyed being the only child with mom and dad. Summer makes for such easy traveling to see those you love.


Enjoying our last ice cream treat through our AWESOME library program. Even Henry got to be included which momma and daddy appreciated as he seemed to have the same ice cream likes as us!


Saying goodbye to daddy’s beard!


Being SO ONE. So Big. So Messy. So Curious. So Standing Up. So knows what he wants. So trying to keep up with the siblings.

Biking up a storm. Peter really got the concept of pedaling about two weeks ago and he has been going strong every sense. His cousin Leeland definitely helped push him towards this achievement…these boys oh they are funny.


Burning through pants and shorts (I think we have killed off 8!) with our butt scooting routine over here.


PUMPING!!!!! Anne is PUMPING. It happened on July 24…I was inside switching laundry when my named was being yelled out repeatedly by Peter. MOM..ANNE UMPING…Oh I said, I’ll come see…thinking she was just kind of kicking her feet as we have been WORKING ON THIS A LOT THIS SUMMER TO NO AVAIL and often ending in tears. Well indeed I go out and she is PUMPING!!!! It just clicked. Oh I could write a whole post about letting well enough alone because sometimes honestly parents it just has to click. We are so pumped (hahaha) as now there are only two we have to push at parks:) and Anne is so happy because she can go so high and touch the trees and sky.

Sibling play is the just best. Yes clearly we still have fights and issues…but something again just clicked and Anne and Peter have been two peas in a pod playing house, forts, reading, cars…you name it. The other day they were playing Prince and Princess and Henry was the wizard…way to include him in your play kiddos.

Checking off going to Sibley park in Mankato and Oxbow park in Bryon MN. We went o our first hiking adventure about a mile or so distance with some altitude at Oxbow and the older kiddos did so awesome. No whining or needing help once. Peter kept saying this is Unn..aka FUN! Longs Peak here we come.

IMG_1419Celebrating 7 years on the 7th! Yea. We celebrated by playing scrabble, drinking coffee and eating an early lunch…yes a we are parents and are tired so lets have a morning kind of date. Love this man and marriage. Anything worth having is hard work but it is worth it.