Oh Sweet Henry! You turned ONE YEAR on Saturday surrounded by a loving family both immediate and extended. It was such a happy day filled with butt scoots, lots of kisses from cousins and siblings, a long nap, swimming with mommy, a big supper, new books, and best destruction of cake ever. You were just so joyful all day long, and it was delightful to celebrate this year of life my Big-Eyed Henry.

IMG_1400What you Love Right Now:

-You love butt scooting…on floors, cement, gravel, sand, grass, wood. You have burned through 6 pairs of shorts..oh boy. When you aren’t supposed to be doing something you look back and scoot even faster as mommy or daddy chases after you.

-You love eating especially ears of corn, sweets, fruit, bread. You get super loud until you get what you want or you take it yourself…as we were rolling out with our groceries today I wondered how you were covered with cherry juice only to discover you had snatched one and ate the whole thing…I luckily got the pit out before you swallowed that too…oh Henry!


-You love your siblings and want to so badly play with whatever they are playing with or creating with which makes for lots of lessons and learning of sharing. They love you so much and are your safety keepers in preventing you from eating things you shouldn’t and scooting down the stairs. Oh the love!

-You are loving books..ripping them off the shelves but also touchy books, flap books and the ones with puppets…you especially think those are funny and giggle when mom moves the little animal. Yea…book reader number three!


-You love to wave bye bye and give high fives and pull yourself up and sit in the toy play car and just keep learning and growing and getting big my handsome.


The First Year is a celebration for the momma too! My sister said to me, “I bet you can count on one hand the times we’ve been apart and fit that all in one day.” It is true we have NOT been apart much my love and though some days they get long…I wouldn’t trade that my dear!

You ARE LOVED sweet Henry by mom and dad, Anne and Peter, Cousins, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Friends, and most importantly by a loving God who has blessed us with a year of Henry.