“When they all came in, the little house was full and running over… [but] now there were cousins to play with! ” Little House in the Big Woods 


How appropriate that we were listening to the Christmas chapter from Little House in the Big Woods on our drive to visit my sisters and the cousins. I felt as though we should attach jingle bells to our sleigh so we could bring further announcement and joy to our arrival.

I’ve often mentioned how hard my sister Marisa and I work especially at getting our little  (yet growing!) group of cousins together because we want them to know and love each other. It is work and effort and kind of crazy…but we are so seeing the fruits of that labor and it is worth it!


Peter did a full run on sprint shouting, “LEEELAND” when he saw him and Leeland met him shoeless and I think underwearless 🙂 They were fairly inseparable the whole time. They are just so fun to watch…oh boys how their minds think so differently than girls.


Anne talked non-stop of playing with Lillian and Norah and of course holding Amelia in which she did all of the above. Anne is cautious/shy around other kiddos and so I love seeing her be so comfortable with her cousins to the point of complete silliness. On the second night, Anne came to me in a full on bunny costume, yarn braids and raccoon cap. She said, “Mom you have to come see our Pretty Funny Show.”  “Okay I will,” I said. She continued on, “Yea it is Pretty Funny because Norah is the Pretty part and does the dancing and I’m funny part because I’m a bunny that shakes her tail and plays the guitar..so it is PRETTY : FUNNY.” …and Oh my it was priceless and indeed pretty funny. My niece and daughter have some great comedic timing and I do hope they want to act!

Bonus was seeing older cousins and aunts for our adventures on Tuesday where it is difficult to say who was warn out more…children or adults.

I did come home tired in large part to Henry still just really only wants me on these outings..the draw of the cousins is not quite there…BUT mainly I came Home grateful.

Grateful for a sister who just had a baby a month ago to open up her home to us and have her husband feed us.

Grateful for so much cousin play…with little mom needed interaction!


Grateful for older cousins who are loved and talked about and care for our little ones…I mean come on there are not many 22 year old nephews who will take there afternoon to go swimming with 7 under 7.

Grateful for sisters to talk and share as much possible in  the in between moments of crazy and feel so encouraged afterwards.

Grateful for sisters to take days off work and time from their schedules to have a day of togetherness


Grateful for my husband working so hard so we can have these family adventures in the middle of the week.

Grateful for our parents who instilled the value of family in each of us.

Grateful to have this family…Yea Summer!