Oh my Butt Scooting Henry…Today you are 11 months old and indeed SO BIG.

-You continue to butt scoot your way across our house, lawn, deck, dirt, sand…anything. You can even get yourself into the crawling position but will continue working yourself upwards until you are on your butt and scooting away. The wear on your pants is noticeable little one. Also, not so fun when you poop and mom does not know it and you scoot all over the place and until she does notice and leave a trail everywhere…yea that has happened TWICE!

-You pull yourself up on your knees often and have just started to pull up all the way to your feet especially when it is something you aren’t supposed to have in your possession.

-You are LOUD and fit right in with your siblings. You are especially loud when eating and mom cannot give you the food fast enough.


-Equal to being loud is being messy. So messy. You can take one tiny piece of banana and get it on your head, ear, arm, butt, toe, floor, high chair and then of course mom or dad. You also like creating messes especially of your siblings’ toys. As I type you are taking every single book off the shelf.

-You want EVERYTHING you can’t have: Rocks, dirt, sand, zinnias, remote controls, phones, cords, outlets, sharp knives, wipes, dirty diapers, plastic bags, scissors, pens, makers, glass…shall I go on my love.

– You have such a beautiful smile with your bottom teeth and now you have two on the top joining the party which will completely change your smile again. I would love to say you give your smiles freely to all but that is not true you keep them for those you especially love or those who are acting especially silly…your siblings win the smile prize often!

-You can wave goodbye now and giggle big time over books where little animals move or there are soft things to feel.


-You love your mommy and daddy A LOT and are cautious of anyone who is not.

-We love you handsome Henry and are in shock that it has been almost a year that we have got to call you our son!