Dear Mister Peter Man-

You are 3 years old today and this smile above is just about one of my favorite of favorite things I see from you my blonde curly-headed cutie. You woke up with a great big grin and sang with us as we sang happy birthday in bed. You smiled at each little birthday surprise of balloons, french toast, your yearly crown, your cake and as each guest arrived with presents! You  enjoyed each and every moment of your party and moment knowing it was your special day.

-You have gotten so big this year: going on the potty, getting dressed and putting on shoes mainly by yourself, going off to self play, heading outside to play even if no one else is there, and saying longer and clearer sentences.


-You love playing trucks and cars ever so much…lining them up, racing them, and taking people for rides. On the flip side you also love to play dolls with your sister too. The storylines you create are one my favorite things to overhear.

-Your sister and you are two peas in a pod this past year playing house, playing silly, playing wrestling, and just playing in general. Of course you have your squabbles but you are more often than not looking to see what the other is doing.

-You love reading books with us and getting snuggling on our laps. You can read Red hat Green hat and Brown Bear Brown Bear all by yourself. You especially love books about trucks and airplanes read to you and of course the tricky fox book.


-You love your daddy and “work hard” with him whenever he is outside working on projects the yard and of course adding sticks to our fire pit. You make sure to put on your work gloves when you are hard at work.

-You love running around, throwing balls, shooting nerf guns, and being silly. On the flip side you are the sweetest, cuddly, loving boy a momma could have. You often to say, “I love you mommy…I miss you” followed by a kiss. You say this often to both daddy and I throughout the day. You often mention cousins and aunt and uncles too. I can never get enough of this phrase.

-You have the silliest funniest facial expressions that make your cousins, baby Henry and me laugh a lot. I don’t know how you get your face to be that way but I’m pretty sure you have some natural comedic timing:)


-You have your loud demanding moments for sure my Peter but your love and smile and sweetness, and humor are just a delight to us all and we are so so blessed to have you as a gift for God for these past three years.

Happy 3rd Birthday!