Celebrating birthdays and mother day with delicious treats, fine friends and fancy hats.


Dining, laughing, and slowly eating with lovely friends.

Sitting by our new fire pit every fine night we get a chance…which so far is 7 times!

Frisbee Golfing, Swaying in a hammock, visiting Grandpa Wilken’s Grave and all around relaxing with family over memorial weekend in Fairmont.

Cooling off with lots of beach trips and water play…I love that we can walk to the beach and enjoy for as little or as long as we desire. Peter and Anne are such ideal ages for the beach…Henry on the other hand just likes to eat the sand.

Meeting our beautiful Amelia Joy (new niece/cousin)! Between my sister and I, we have 7 under 7 adorable cousin fun–we got the picture! Anne and Peter were beyond excited to meet sweet Amelia and got to hold her lots…fun to have a baby not move on you again. The cousins played hard the whole day and the girls wore their matching dresses that Grandma Sue made. Oh love new babies and cousin time!

Attending Painting with a Princess Party at the Kelly Gau Studio…it was EPIC! Beautiful princesses to take pictures with, Painting Fun, Delicious Food, and just plain Awesome. She is hosting another one JULY 6! I highly recommend it!


Cousin Ashley coming to stay for a three day special visit. There was lots of play, lots of “Ashley Sit By Me,” lots of reading with Ash and just lots of Fun. So grateful to have such a sweet niece who loves to spend time with her little cousins…they adore you!


Soaking up these awesome summer days with playing, eating, sitting, reading, lounging, and playing some more outside. I’m loving this summer…it may have to do with the fact that I’m not pregnant! But I think it is also that Anne and Peter are just so much fun to watch these summer days…full of playing together and creativity and JOY. Yes of course there are quarrels and sour attitudes but I’m pretty sure I’m going to remember just the beauty of the summer…and little Henry along for the ride!